Waterfront redevelopment site hits the market at Honeysuckle

Waterfront redevelopment site hits the market at Honeysuckle The latest Honeysuckle land release, far left, the site of Doma’s Huntington development, centre, and Doma’s Lume apartments under construction, far right.

The development site for sale at 45 Honeysuckle Drive.

Doma’s Huntington apartment development will be next door to the latest site for sale.

The Honeysuckle land for sale, foreground, with the 20,000 square metres expected to hit the market soon in the background.

Doma’s Huntington development at 35 Honeysuckle Drive beside a waterfront promenade.

Lume at 21 Honeysuckle Drive.

Lume at 21 Honeysuckle Drive.

Doma’s Halcyon hotel and apartment building at 42 Honeysuckle Drive beside Cottage Creek and what could become a harbourfront park.

Seawall works at Lee Wharf 4 and 5.

TweetFacebookNewcastle Herald reported in May that Hunter Development Corporation, a state government entity, was poised to sell off its last two harboursideblocks.

Colliers International will market the first of these, 5600 square metresat 45 Honeysuckle Drive, as “Lee 5” with a height limit of eight storeys. The land is beside Doma’s planned eight-storey Huntington apartment development at No.35.

A new Cottage Creek park will sit immediately to the west of the block on a site now occupied by the Hansen Yuncken building.

The final waterfront Honeysuckle land sale will covera huge 20,000-square metre sitewest of Cottage Creek to the Wickham marina. Part of that site now houses a 270-space car park.

HDC has just completed work to reclaima strip of harbour in front of 21 and 35Honeysuckle Drive, both owned by Doma, to accommodate a promenade.

The Canberra developer has started work on the Lume apartments at No.21 and will build a hotel and apartments across the road at No.42.

It is also building an apartment block in Merewether Street and a 30-storey development on the Store site in Hunter Street.

HDC said potential buyers of Lee 5 would need to consider public spaces such as the waterfront promenade, view corridors and connections through to the harbour from the city.

“We are in a growing city, and we want to make sure the buildings we plan and build today are attractive, well designed, well positioned and well integrated into the surrounding public areas,” chief operating officer Valentina Misevska said.

“Lee 5 is in immediate access to the future Honeysuckle light rail stop, as well as the Newcastle interchange.

“As we move further away from being a car-led city, this proximity to public transport is integral to future homes, jobs and public spaces,all of which could form part of this site opportunity.”