Aisle be with you: Newcastle’s wedding pet chaperone l Photos

Aisle be with you: Newcastle’s wedding pet chaperone l Photos Doggone cute: Nadine Kellett assisted at the wedding of Emma Doyle, here with her dalmations Teddy and Poppy. Picture: Woodlands Creative Photography and Film

Howling good fun: Bride and groom Cat and Mitch with their pooch Marli and their family. Picture: Beau Mack

Puppy love: Wedding pet chaperone Nadine Kellett with her pets Rose, left, and Elvis, right. Picture: Marina Neil

Furry good behaviour: Elvis, in a wedding tux on the left, and Rose, in a tutu, with Nadine Kellett. Picture: Marina Neil

Going to the chapel: Pooch Teddy. Picture: ElishaWoodlands creative photography and film

TweetFacebook Newcastle wedding pet chaperone Nadine KellettYOU’RE getting married and you want your pet to be a part of your big day. Who you gonna call? A wedding pet chaperone, that’s who.

Nadine Kellett says demand for her animal wedding chaperone skills has “ramped up” since she launched her Newcastle pet minding business Little Red Animal Care.

“I know how important pets are to their family and I wanted people to be able to have their best friend by their side at their wedding and be stress free,” she says.

Ms Kellettmeets her wedding clients ahead of their big day to discuss their pet and their requests.

“It could be walking the pet down the aisle, meeting guests on arrival or watching on the sidelines,” she says. “Then in the photos, I help the photographer get the animal to the camera and hopefully smiling, and once all that is over I may take them home and tuck them in and give them dinner orpeople might want me to look after them for the night or their honeymoon.”

Behave yourself: Nadine Kellett with her pooches Rose, left, and Elvis, right. Picture: Marina Neil

Ms Kellett’s love for pooches dates back to childhood –her grandmother raised corgis and participated in dog shows. Ms Kellett won the child dog handler award at local shows and the chance to go to the Royal Easter Show.

In more than half of the weddings she attends to chaperone pets, the clients walk down the aisle with their animals, usually dogs.

“In one, there were two big Dalmations that the bride walked with her,” she said.

Animals, she concedes, “are not always angels”, and there have been times when she’s had to gently usher them to the sidelines.

A mother of two children and two fur babies, Elvis and Rose, Ms Kellett seesnothing unusual in people wanting their pets at weddings.

“You invite mum, dad and grandma and grandpa and children so why not invite your best furry friends in the whole wide world –they are your first children, the ones you have before children,” she says.

In most weddings at which she chaperones, pets havea minimum decoration of a flower, but many don atuxedo or tutu. Ms Kellett also offers a pet wedding costume service for clients.

Joy division: “I just love seeing the joy and appreciation on the owner’s face after they’ve been able to have their precious fur babies with them on the day,” says Nadine Kellett of her job as a wedding pet chaperone. Picture: Marina Neil

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